Steer Clear of Distractions

Naomi F


Please don’t do your makeup while you’re driving down the street. Please don’t check your cell phone — put it in another seat! Turn messages to silent or even airplane mode. Wear glasses if you need them, keep all eyes on the road! Play music only softly. Slow down for yellow lights. Be conscious of all surroundings — especially during nights. Always know where you are going before you put the car in gear. Look up directions in advance so you’ll know which way to steer. Once you’re driving do not hurry — that’s why speed limits are set! If we keep the rules of driving, then driving is not threat! Make sure your car’s in order. Get comfortable at the wheel. Stop fully at the stop signs — the danger is too real. Don’t try to cut off others even if your day was rough. Reckless driving isn’t funny — it’s time; enough’s enough. Just focus on your driving, nothing else that’s on your mind, ’cause if you are not careful, you could leave this world behind. Be part of the solution by wearing your seat belt tight. Distractions are not worth it — am I right or am I right?


“Steer Clear of Distractions” provides practical strategies and tips to help readers drive more carefully. Additionally, this piece informs readers of the very real dangers and consequences of distracted and reckless driving. By taking the act of driving a little more seriously, I believe that we can lower the astounding percentage of crashes that are caused each year due to carelessness and inattention behind the wheel. There is no reason for unsafe driving — together, we can create better habits for the road.