Morgan W

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I remember when I first got my license. My heart swelled with pride and my face split into a joyful grin. This was my first step in the path to adulthood. I remember laughing in my first car, taking a second to look back at my friends in wild abandon and adoration. After all, how much could one second of inattention matter? I remember checking my phone on the road, quick glances at meaningless jokes that brought a smile to my face and prompted me to respond in the moment. I remember the rush of adrenaline that would pump through my veins in time to blaring music, the feeling spurred on as I drove ten, twenty miles over the speed limit. I remember the rush of air leaving my body, my car in shambles, sirens screaming in the background as they desperately attempted to reach me in time. I remember my mistakes in vivid detail, and now my family is unable to forget the life that would have been spared if I had remembered to drive with care.