Impact Teen Drivers

Zeinabu S

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As technology is on the rise, our world revolves even faster on its axis. We’re constantly busy with multiple aspects within our lives. But because we’re constantly sprinting to places, our attention to specific details has declined significantly. One aspect included most of our lives that’s been heavily affected would be our driving. Hundreds of car accidents happen every year due to lack of attention to details. Lives are unfortunately lost simply due to our own carelessness. People who had families, goals, and plans for the future. Nothing is more disturbing than knowing a life was taken by your own hands and reckless actions. To prevent tragedies such as these from happening any further, there are plenty of things that can be done. For starters, once you receive your official driver’s license, read once more over the rules and regulations before your first drive. This will help them stick longer, and it’ll be fresh in your mind once you hit the road for the first time on your own. While driving, try become familiar with the roads and habits of other drivers around you. Nothing is more important than observing other cars. Say for example, if you realize someone in front of you who is swaying out of the lines, you would be more alert and ready to take action for anything that happens. After you’ve familiarize yourself with the “attitude of the road”, make sure you turn off all electronic distractions such as your cell phone, radio, etc. Now some of you would argue with this saying, “Oh, I can multitask with no problem.” That is absolutely false. In fact, it makes us more tired mentally, and causes our focus to decrease the longer we stay switching back and forth. Our brains are not functioned to handle more than one thing at the same time. Although it does have the remarkable ability to do parallel processing, it’s only most effective on a singular aspect such as driving or such as texting. Not both. Don’t risk it, and stay on one thing at a time. If the desire to use electronics is unbearable, only do so when the car is stopped in a reasonable place such as a parking lot or at a red light. Stop the electronics immediately once the light is green. And last but not least, the most important of all, secure your seat belt. The seat belt is designed to hold your body back from getting thrown around in the car, and increase your chances of having your body in one piece. These are few of the many small things we can do to make a big splash on the declination of car accidents.