We Are Not Mere Statistics

Rachael H

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You see the statistics, the numbers. They don’t seem real to you. That’s all they are to you: arbitrary numbers. But each one of those is a person With a background, a family, a life. And one of those could be you. Accidents just happen to people who are careless. I’m not careless, you think. You don’t have to be careless To be hit, To be hurt by the mistakes of others. So fasten your seat belt. Slow down And watch out. Even if you are the most perfect driver, Accidents happen to everyone. A boy on the way to see his girlfriend, A family on the way to dinner together, A woman on the way to see her mother. I’m a good driver. I don’t need to turn down the radio. But even the best drivers Can be distracted By seemingly harmless noise. Put that phone away, Lower that music, Look at the road, not your friends. Having that one conversation And avoiding their judgment Are not worth Your life. Even the most superhuman Who challenge the limits of their body Need to concentrate, Need to avoid distraction. No one is invincible. Whether it’s family, friends, or me, Someone cares about you. So value your life.