A Word From Your Attention Span

Siena C

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Hello, it’s me. Your attention span. We need to talk. You kind of have a bit of a problem and that problem is affecting me. Now, I know your life is busy and you’ve got a lot happening, but you need to sort out your priorities. I’m talking about driving. You’re a great driver, really, but you’d be lying to yourself if you didn’t admit to being distracted whenever you’re on the road. I mean, the smallest things grab your attention. One minute you’re looking at the road and the next a flashy billboard has you captivated, or a cute dog in another car drives by, or your crush from seventh grade just followed you on social media and you just have to see what he looks like now. I can’t shame that obsession, but talk about wrong place wrong time! Your attention is like a fly buzzing from one place to the next. It’s all over the place, and when you drive, you kind of need it to stay on the task at hand. Yeah, it’s tough. I get it, but you need to think about what’s most important to you. Checking your phone? Or making it home safely and living to see another day. Your life and the lives of your passengers and the lives of those you share the road with are all precious! Don’t throw your life, or worse the life of a pedestrian or another driver, away just because you couldn’t handle looking at your phone for ten minutes. You can do it! I believe in you. As your attention span, I know it’ll be rough to stay concentrated, but I’ve seen you focus before and I know you know what’s important in your life. Don’t drive distracted.