Experience = Expert

Kaley B

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My dad has been driving for more than 30 years. Of course, he believes that this makes him an expert driver. Now that he is teaching me how to drive, he tells me that I need to watch him as he drives and copy what he does. As my instructor, my dad grips the arm of the passenger seat and breathes in deeply out of fear, but he has never been hurt, nor does he need to worry about being hurt. It is a very different story when he drives. My dad, the expert driver probably drives more hours than the normal person. His work is located an hour and a half away from our house, and I go to school an hour away from our house but in the opposite direction of where his job is. He clocks in a lot of hours on the road, so he is very comfortable in the car. He’s so comfortable in fact that he consistently whips out his phone while he is in front of the wheel. There have been numerous times when I remind him of the dangers this can cause, but he still continues to do it. To make cars more modern, manufacturers make sure that you can now connect your phone to your car. The wireless connection allows for the car to become your phone. I think a way to improve this function further so that people do not get distracted while driving would be to have a feature that turns off your phone when you step in the car. Only when you put the gear in park will your phone shut back on. With the technology we have today, it would be simple to create a car that will do this.