Blinded by emotions

Alix M

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Traffic. Cars are slowly moving down the freeway, and the drivers are feeling as if time is growing stagnant. While waiting in the stream of vehicles, the sound of someone furiously honking their honk in an attempt to get traffic moving. This only results in more people returning the obnoxious sound out of pure irritation. The people are becoming reckless, which leads to them being filled with rage not knowing what this will cause down the line. Yet, being blinded by their own emotions they continue to mash their car horns and move forward to hit the bumper of the person in front of them to show that their still present and aren’t leaving anytime soon. One driver finally becomes fed up with their time being taken from them on the elevated slab of concrete. In their unstable emotional state, they force their way past other cars not caring about the consequences that they’ll face due to their reckless driving. Damages. The stream of vehicles are no longer uniform but pushed to the side of the walls of the freeway. Some drivers get out of their cars to assess the harm caused the reckless driver that forced their way past in the cramp collection of machines. There are a few vehicles that were in a much worse condition than other, but the same can’t be said for the driver and their passenger if there were any. In the heat of the moment, there people dialing 911, and others are trying to assist their fellow commuters in any way they can until help arrives at the scene. All that could be done now is to wait, wait to see what will happen in the coming moments until authorities and paramedics arrive. On that day many people were affected by event; some were terribly injured, some came out without a single scratch on their bodies, but others didn’t make it out at all. This was all caused by one single driver, one single person is to be blamed for the disaster, but since it all happened so quickly it’s unsure whether or not they’ll be caught. All of this could have been avoided, but due to the individual being consumed by road rage it would be reflected in their actions as they sped away from the scene of carnage that was caused solely by them. It does not matter to them as to what has happened to those people, for the only thing they cared about was that they would be able to get home in time for dinner.