Texting To Death

Asia D


“RILEY! RILEY! STAY WITH ME! STAY WITH ME PLEASE!” Is the sound you hear, as soon as you open your eyes. You feel yourself being pushed fast, as your laying down on a object that feels almost like a couch or bed, with two paramedics over you, and your best friend right beside them. You see your best friend is crying, while covered in blood. Which causes great confusion to you. Where am I? What happen? Why is there Oxygen over my mouth? Why can’t my body move? Why is she covered in blood? You ask yourself, as your thoughts take over your body. You turn your head slightly to left and you see multiple car crashes, multiple white sheets and even a helicopter. Then reality hit. I WAS IN A CAR ACCIDENT! There is no way. I know how to drive. I been driving for years with no tickets or citations. I know how to drive. This isn’t my fault. I know how to drive. You thought to yourself. Flashbacks come back to you, making you realize that it might be your fault. Might be my fault? IT IS MY FAULT. Your flashback reveals you texting your boyfriend right before you blacked out. As you are put into the back of the ambulance, you realize that you and your best friend wasn’t the only one in the car, with you. You were also with your baby cousin, Kayla, “WHERE IS KAYLA? WHERE IS KAYLA? WHERE IS KAYLA?” You asked your best friend. Your best friend begins crying even harder, while looking back at the scene of the accident. You also turn your head and look back at the accident and see the police gathered around someone small in a white sheet. IS KAYLA DEAD? KAYLA DIED? KAYLA GOT KILLED IN THE CAR CRASH? I KILLED KAYLA IN THE CAR CRASH..


Riley woke up confused as she was laying on a stretcher, surrounded by paramedics and her best friend, who was covered in blood. She was confused what had happen and why she was in that situation, until she turned her head and seen she multiple car crashes. She realize she was in a car accident and it was her fault because she had a flashback of her texting her boyfriend before she blacked out. She was in denial but she knew it was her fault. She remember that her baby cousin Kayla was in the car, and then she begin questioning where she was. Her best friend didn’t want to tell her, she just looked at the scene while crying profusely. Riley begin questioning what had happen, but then realized shortly what happen as she turned her head and saw the police over a covered body and she knew it was Kayla and that she had killed Kayla in the crash.