Drive Now, Eat Later

JaiAnna M

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Drive Now, Eat Later Characters: Charlotte Cooper: A 22-year-old in working on her newest invention. Terrence Howard: Charlotte’s boyfriend and son of End Distracted Driving Inc.’s founder. Martin Howard: Terrence’s father and founder of End Distracted Driving Inc. Act I, Scene I It is mid-March of 2020. Charlotte is in her dorm room working on her new invention. Her boyfriend is on his way in with her favorite meal. Terrence (knocking on the door): Charlotte your favorite boyfriend is bearing gifts. Charlotte: Please tell me it’s an 8-piece wing, half lemon pepper and half mild, those delicious fries, and a sweet tea?! Terrence: You forgot the two ranch cups on the side. (Charlotte opens the door and kisses Terrence’s cheek.) Charlotte: Thank you, love! Now look at this beauty. (Charlotte uncovers a large box.) Terrence: Um I’m confused Char…that just looks like a big metal box. What makes it so amazing? Charlotte: Well I was thinking about my dad’s recent accident. He was on a carb cycle diet and decided to stop for a pancake platter on his high carb day. When he was looking down to try to get a piece of pancake, he didn’t stop at the red light and hit a car from the oncoming traffic. Everyone involved was alright, but he did have to pay for the damage considering he could’ve avoided it by not being distracted. He told me that he was eating his pancakes while driving because he didn’t want them to get cold. Terrence (trying to hide his laugh): That definitely could have been avoided. I mean why not just heat it up in a microwave when he gets home? Also, what is this hunk of metal going to do to help? Charlotte: Well it’s a portable warmer! You push this red button to turn it on and the knob controls the degrees it can get up to. It has insulation on the sides for your hand’s and car’s protection. It only gets up to 1200F which is sufficient enough to keep the food warm but not so hot that it will burn through anything. Finally, this blue button is for auto-cool. You press the blue button after you get the warmer to your destination, take your food out, and want it to cool off for the next time! The insulation can also come in different colors just in case someone wants to be stylish and there is a strap added to it if you are having to carry it to your office. What do you think? Terrence: I’ve never felt prouder of you than in this moment! In fact, my dad would love this idea for his company. He has been looking for a new invention to put in the spotlight to decrease distracted driving and I think this is it! Hold on a second. (Terrence calls his dad and tells him the news.) Terrence: Hey Charlotte, my dad wants to know what it’s called? Charlotte: “Heat on Wheels” (Terrence hangs up with a smile) Terrence: Well he loves the idea and it looks like you have a presentation to give next week! I’ll help you prepare. Act II, Scene I One year has passed. Charlotte enters the stage of Heat on Wheels’ big debut party with a smile. Martin: I would like to present to you the creator of Heat on Wheels. The brains behind the invention that will save thousands of hungry lives. The inventor of the customizable, portable warmer that will forever keep your food warm as you drive home. My daughter-in-law, Mrs. Charlotte Howard.