The Good Influences

Snow C

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The good influences, they were all around me What good role models for me to see Finally, positive peer pressures So that I know to take the right measures The good influences, they were all around me My new boyfriend, the first time he ever drove me, pulled over when he received a text I was impressed My Mother, of course, always taught me how safe I need to be: Adjust your mirrors before you pull out, keep your eyes on the road, make sure you’re well rested, and of course, the text can wait I listened My sister, has always been there for me made sure I didn’t switch music on my phone She knows the drill: plugin the aux and put on Pandora, don’t be tempted A mere glance at my phone prompts her stern reminder “Don’t do that, quit” I am thankful My Father, complements the lessons from my Mom, pick a station & stay with it he says, resist the fries that are in that brown bag, no answering the phone, and no make-up until you are parked I respected Even my peers, overheard around school “who texts and drives? That’s not cool”, the others agreed When carpooling with the girls to school, the driver attempt to text, immediately “put that down you’re going to kill us” the rest of the girls said I admired I was hopeful