Famous Last Words

Paige J

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“That will never happen to me”, Ah, what famous last words. “I’m Invincible” We think, Despite the contrary. People see accidents happen to others, Saying “If they had done this, they’d be fine.” Yet, we don’t follow that ourselves. We are our greatest hypocrites. Because, Is that text worth it? Is the conversation in the backseat more important Than the silent one in front of you? Is correcting that one one eyebrow a priority, A priority greater than your safety? Why is it that our lives take the backseat, When something as unnecessary as a Snap comes into play? That tweet is not important, nor is that call. Switching through your “lit” mixtape is not a necessity, Nor is that selfie with your passenger. Our lives are the most valuable things. They are priceless. Imagine, if you will, Who you were. Then who you are. Then you can be. Then who you will be. Think of the people you love, Your hopes and dreams, Everything you know. Now think for a second, What would happen if it was all gone. Poof. Nothing. Nada. That’s what we risk everytime we jeopardize our safety, For what? Something you can do when you are not driving? That tweet can wait till your off the road, That notification doesn’t matter to you at that moment, And if the temptation is too strong, Shut it down. Just shut it down.