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The best solution to combat issue of reckless and distracted driving is to make drivers aware that reckless/careless driving often results in death or debilitating injuries. In order to get that point across, we should teach 6 concepts to teens who are behind the wheel. I. Anyone Can Get into a Fatal Car Crash Teen drivers have to realize that if extra precautionary measures are not taken when behind the wheel, collisions can and will occur. Car crashes are all over the news Reckless drivers think it will never happen to them The overconfidence might kill you II.Speeding Causes Bleeding Teen drivers have to realize, driving too far over is speed limit can be deadly. Just because you are late to work because YOU wanted to sleep in, doesn’t mean you are justified in speeding. Obey those white signs with bold black numbers on them. SPEED LIMIT 35 Means drive no faster than 35 miles per hour When you speed you are risking the lives of any passengers in the car with you, the lives of other people on the road, and most importantly, your own life. When speeding, Its harder to stop the vehicle in a sudden traffic stop, You don’t wanna pay the costs for rear-ending someone’s ride Do you? III. Get off Your Phone, Teen drivers need to realize, There is absolutely nothing on a phone screen that’s worth more than a life Are you aware that at least 1 in 4 of all car collisions involves phone use? When you use your cell phone while at the wheel, your attention is completely placed on the phone. No, you are not multitasking, your attention is on the phone. What if you don’t see a pedestrian in your path? Wanna pay for that hospital bill? Can you live with a death on your conscience? Just to check a text message that reads: ‘Ok’ ? IV. Wear Your Seatbelt, It Can Save Your Life Teen drivers need to realize, That their seat belts were invented to save people when collisions happen. They are not there for decoration. They are not there to be ignored. If you don’t wear a seatbelt, flying through the glass windshield doesn’t sound too far-fetched. Did you know that 50% of the people who lose their lives in collisions each year would still be alive if they had worn a seatbelt? Ouch. V. Your Friends May Be Distracting You From Driving Teen drivers need to realize, That distracting passengers are road hazards. A car filled with your buddies may not always be the safest. There is a reason that the risk of crash doubles with one passenger under 21 years of age. It’s the exact same reason that that risk quadruples with three passengers under 21 years of age Teens together on the road are dangerous. Probably because we love the thrill. Please, realize that distracted driving is life threatening Unless you are suicidal, I doubt you want to die in a violent car crash. VI. It’s Can Be So Simple, Just Focus While Driving Teen drivers need to realize That driving doesn’t have to be a death trap Reckless drivers make it a death trap If we just relaxed and realized that cars are means of transportation not party zones, I truly believe that collisions would occur less. I am a teen driver myself And I still need to be enforced on this one About 4000 teens lose their lives in crashes each year. Together let’s focus on decreasing that number That should create safer roads. <3