It’s Not Worth My Life

Kelsia C

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Is it worth it? Do you remember the morning I lost my life? Well, I do. The alarm went off you opened your eyes realized how fast time flies hit snooze, then went back to dreamin I’m guessin 8am was too inconvenient I get it you were exhausted and, after awhile you woke up again this time in a panic, attemptin to regain the minutes that you took for granted should have went to bed at an hour that was decent But, back then you had poor time management Is it worth it? You clumsily searched for an outfit ripped jeans and a blouse was the first pick Didn’t realize that your mind wasn’t focused Moving blind, no time slow down You were going quick Is it worth it? Flew down stairs faster than magic to cook breakfast you were reckless why would you be so careless I wonder if you knew that this would be the last meal we ever ate together sis maybe if you had prep’d a meal the night before instead of rushing last minute this story could’ve ended different but you didn’t Is it worth it? Is this real? you jump in the car and get behind the wheel coffee spills I hop in the passenger seat before I can buckle up you hit the gas and speed don’t even notice the drink drippin down the seat cuz you’re rushin time is tockin and tickin gotta reach the destination Is it worth it? We’re passin cars at a speed that’s illegal Yo foot busin the gas pedal colors of traffic light in the sky is the last thing I see Green, then yellow, then red my head crashed through the windshield as you slammed on breaks glass cut through my face and made best friends with my skull airbags didn’t arrive on time I suffered because you weren’t focused STAY FOCUSED! Was it worth it? Don’t you dare let my name go in vain tell the teens that next time time cant be regained Tell them that poor prep, please prepare and time management ain’t worth the pain of loosing your life, I was a wife! a mother your sister too Be worthy to be called a role model now I want them to learn from you, yes you Wipe your tears of strife Pick up your head and put down your phone So you can tell them, it wasn’t worth my life Tell them