“Any Other Time”

Hilal T

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You leave your house Excited to see your friends, Like any other weekend But it is not any other weekend. It is the day you leave your house, Unaware that it might be the day you leave this world. You are in the car choosing your favorite song, Like you would do any other drive. Although, it is not any other drive, It is the one where your life will change forever. Now, you are finally on your way, Running a little late. Your friends remain impatient, Blowing up your phone. You don’t even contemplate Whether or not you should text them back. Because any other time. You would. So you grab your phone… But this time, isn’t any other time It is not any other text message, Or any other person. …And then everything goes dark This time YOU are the teen In the statistics everyone told you about. YOU are the victim of texting and driving. You don’t even remember if you pressed send or not. You can’t even put together pieces of what happened. The only hint you get is the familiar smell of a hospital, And the painful sound of your parents crying. Between the beeps of the monitor, And sniffles of your parents You hear the muffled sound of the doctor. “We did everything we could, But she did not make it.” And then it hits you. You are alive, But someone else isn’t. You had hit a 18 year old girl, And she didn’t make it out alive. In the moment of sending a single text, You devalued your own life, And took someone else’s. You knew people could end a life with a knife or a gun, But little did you know you would end one with a text message.