Savannah T

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It’s the weekend. Gathers herself in the new car, seat belt cries for a click but never gets it. She was going to a movie with a friend The car ride was under the influence of Loud sounds. Bright screens erotic thumb taps. Quickly glances comes with multi tasking. She looks down, she wakes up upside down, her phone is cracked her spine is crushed. She’s losing a lot of blood It was the first kiss shared by to car hoods. But the kiss was, bliss full of destruction causing rippling effects. Help finally arrives Parents are called Tears have fallen You find yourself in a hospital, dazed, confused, stiff, and bruised. You overhear a nurse say that she died from a crushed spine and that she’s losing a lot of blood You realize that “She” didn’t make it That “she” is your best friend That “she” had so much going for her. That “she” didn’t deserve this. That “ she” isn’t gonna be in the passenger seat anymore. That “she” is gone. You think of your mistakes and regret them. What if you both put your seat belt on? What if the music wasn’t so loud? What if you would have payed attention a little more? What if “she” was still here?