Lets Save Lives

Riley A


I am a brand new driver and one of my main concerns is other people who do not concentrate on the road while driving. The major reason for this is because of phones. Since just about everybody in the world has a smartphone I would like to propose my idea to keep people off of their phones while behind the wheel. My idea is to install a sensor in the car. The way it works is like this. You put the key in the ignition and turn the car on but in order for the car to start moving you must put your phone on a sensor pad that has been installed into the car. When the phone is placed on the sensor pad the phone is automatically shut off until you physically turn the car off. To make sure people do not try to pull a fast one and beat the system the sensor will be put in the console of the car and the person driving is required to close the console or else the car will fail to start. Once you close the top piece the console automatically locks until the car is turned off. To ensure that everybody gets a sensor in the car each driver will get one installed at their next car inspection. New versions of cars will have this installed in the process of the car creation. I am a firm believer of this idea and I also believe that this should be a mandatory requirement for all cars being made from this day on. This creates the idea in peoples minds that it turns into more work than its worth to use your phone.


I propose my idea to put a sensor in the car for your phone to make the car move. Failing to put the phone on the sensor in the console of the car will cause the car to not move when the car is on with key in the ignition. This whole idea is to not ban people from having phones in the car but to show them that it turns into a lot more work than before to use your phone in the car making them not use it.