The Stories of Precious Life

Katherine H

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Life is precious. We know that. We celebrate that. We remember that. Sadly, however, some of us seem to ignore it when the preciousness comes to driving. We take risks we know we should avoid and drive in ways we know we shouldn’t. But why do we? And does the answer to that provide a solution? Honestly, the reason people drive recklessly is because they believe it doesn’t matter. Sure, people die in car crashes everyday. But not me. We drive recklessly because we believe the lie that it won’t happen to us. We may never put it into words, but that’s what we really believe. That’s why I should be able to eat and drive, talk and drive, text and drive. That’s why we crash. Our belief leads to our actions. What then? We change our belief to change our actions. Statistics don’t change anyone’s mind. But stories do. Stories matter. Stories are what culture is made of. When we tell stories, we learn, we grow, we change. And when we hear stories–true stories, heartbreak stories–of what distracted driving can do, then we’ll change. No one wants these stories to happen to them. But we empathize with the real people in these stories in a way which makes us realize it could happen. It could happen to us. When we realize that, I think we’ll turn the phone off. We’ll put away the distractions, turn down the radio, and look ahead to where we’re going. One story can change your direction, and it can save a precious life.