The Reckless Epidemic

Jonathan B

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration approximately 4,886 drivers between the ages 15 to 20 died in motor vehicle crashes every. This is simply not acceptable. I believe having a written agreement with your child about your expectations and theirs could help to lower this number. One of the first points should be to discuss safety and to always remember to use your seat belts. I know it may not look cool but it will save your life when push comes to shove. Another issue is distractions from other passengers. I believe that parents should limit the number of passengers allowed in the vehicle to just one. I understand that this is the current law for minors under 18 but many parents still allow their children to do this. And I also believe that for minors living at home, the night time driving should be limited. The use of cell phones must be addressed. They need to understand that the phone is a distraction and can’t be readily available while driving. Lastly, I believe in order to help stop reckless and distracted driving we have to minimize our road rage. In order to do this, I believe we need to teach our young adults to leave early to avoid the stress of feeling like they are going to be late. Also, if you need to listen to music, find a channel that is soothing and not overwhelming. Mostly, we need to teach them that outside influences like Street Outlaws is a just a show. It is a show in a controlled environment and not every driver has the skills to race. This last one hits me hard in the gut because I know the pain of losing a classmate to reckless drag racing. I know that once their child leaves for college they may not be able to monitor all their activities but at least the ground rules are set.