Reckless Driving is a Gamble.

Crystal M



This is a poster designed and illustrated/painted digitally by Crystal Mendez Reckless driving is very real. In fact, so real to the point where many, if not most of us know a wreck-less driver. Yes there are a lot more reckless drivers than you might think. Why? Because its so easy to not be aware of the fact that we might be reckless drivers ourselves. Most of us think of reckless drivers as irrational, impulsive and road rage style drivers, but in reality many of us are partaking in reckless driving and aren’t even aware of it. Yes YOU may be a reckless driver! Although reckless driving does include those characteristics, often wreck-less driving is done by people doing seemingly unharmful things such as eating your lunch as you make your way to work, or checking your social media page at the red light. The truth is, these things are harmful. In fact they can be fatal in many occasions. The act of listening to loud music, or texting back your friend, makes a driver, a menace to his or her surroundings. The key is in AWARENESS. Tell your friends, family , dog walker to put their distractions AWAY while on the road. Driving recklessly is CHOOSING to let chance take the wheel and you are no longer in control. Its a gamble. One that can end lives and not only yours. There is no excuse, just don’t do it,