Improper driving

Samuel P

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Script Part 1- Person 1: (Pulls phone out and person 2 walks up from the left entering the door) Person 2: Hey have you seen Person 3. Person 1: No I was just about to the text them. (Texts person 3.) Person 2: Anything? Person 1: Not yet…Wait Person 3 responded. Oh Person 3 is driving. But Person 3 says they can talk. Person 2: Ok ask them if they are going to go to the Waiting for response and never gets one….Video goes to a car that is crashed with firefighters attempting to get someone out. Statistic about texting and driving appear Person 1: Why has Person 2 not showed up yet? Person 1: I don’t know. Should be call the police? Person 2: Person 1 why is the police here? Person 1: I don’t know man. Police Officer: Person 1 and Person 2? Person 1 & 2: Yes. We were considering calling you about one of our friends. They are missing. Police Officer: Person 3? Person 1 and 2 lose the smile on their faces. Police Officer: Please have a seat. (Person 1 and 2 both sit down on chairs located near them) I am here to inform you that approximately 2 hours ago Person 3 was killed in a car crash. Person 1 and 2 are devastated begins to tear up Person 2: What happened to him? Police Officer: Initial reports indicate that Person 3 was texting and driving. We pulled Person 3s phone and Person 3 was in the middle of texting two people. Why that could not wait until he was done who knows. The camera moves towards Person 1 and Person 2 as they look down. Once it zooms in on them the scene fades to black. Part 2: Person 1: (Standing at the bottom of some stairs Person one dressed in a suit and tie looks at his watch and gets frustrated) Let’s go honey. We need to get going. We have to be there in 20 minutes. Person 2: I know I am coming. (Comes down in a dress and gives her husband a kiss) I am ready. Lets go. Person 1: We need to get to Person 3 and Person 4’s wedding. (After getting in the car they get on the road and they get on their way to the wedding.) Person 1: Honey we need to get on the highway quickly. We need to speed up. Person 2: Well the speed limit is 25 miles per hour. Person 1: Well I am going 45 miles per hour. Look out for the police officers. Person 2: Ok. Well I see none around. Cuts to an video of the car driving from the sky. After 10 seconds the car is hit by a trailer because the trailer could not stop in time. The car spins out of control. Statistics appear on screen about speeding while driving accidents.Camera moves down from aerial footage to the car in ruins. The camera catches Person 1 trying to wake Person 2 up. Person: (In a weak voice) Love wake up. I need you to wake up. (Screen fades to black)