The cost is myself

Michelle L

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The cost is myself, as I drive off into the night, the darkness and despair, the worry in my mother’s face, as I drive away. This is my first time alone behind the wheel. My heart races with anticipation, as my mind drifts, my phone chimes, I know I should just let it chime, but the anticipation of the night has my mind just floating in the sky. I mean after all I’m the first of all my friends to have my license and a car. I know I should do what is right, I mean I could die tonight right? If I don’t answer my phone, will I die tonight? No… No…No, I know what is right, I knew as I drove off into the night, as I seen the worry on mommies face. So, No….No….No, I will not die tonight! I will wait to answer my phone, after all I’m going to be a good girl tonight! I have learned for what reason, not so I can die! I have learned to know what is right! After all, I really want to go to that party tomorrow night! I will not text and drive, I will not talk on my phone and drive, therefore I will not die tonight. See you all at the party tomorrow night, if you don’t text and drive!