1/86400 Seconds in a Day

Veronica B

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It is an ordinary day. You and your bestfriend walk out of school together, talking and laughing about that moment in gym class when you hit your best friend with the dodgeball because she wasn’t paying attention. You are walking to your car and notice the warm sun on this chilly February day. “It’s a little warmer today! Let’s go ice skating tonight like we used to when we were little! Just me and you this time!”, your best friend says. As you get into the car, you realize you and your best friend have been so busy lately and have not spent a friday together, in a while. You experience that warm feeling when you feel close to someone. You are excited to talk about all the things you have not yet told each other. While pulling out of the parking lot, you put on your favorite song. Your best friend laughs as you attempt to sing the high notes. Everything feels like it usually does. No matter how much time you and your best friend spend apart, when you are together it feels like nothing ever changed. You are two blocks away from her house and her least favorite song comes on. “Oh come on! Change it! I’d rather die than deal with 3 minutes of listening to this!”, she laughs, as she says this. You smile. This is so classic of her to throw a little fit. But, it’s your best friend, you don’t mind when she speaks her opinion. You glance down to hit next on your playlist. Just for a second. But, the next song never comes on. In fact, you find yourself lying in the middle of the road, confused. There are paramedics and police trying to talk to you. “What happened?”, you try to say. This is the classic confusion a distracted driver has when he or she ends up in a car accident. What happened is that you chose a song over watching the road. What happened is you ignored every person who told you to be an attentive driver. Your best friend didn’t survive the crash. She ended up dying and hearing her least favorite song before she did. It is a tragedy, yet there is one person in control. You. Don’t be the person who let one second take away the life of another.