The Flip Side of Love

Blake M


You were there when I was up. You were there when I was down. You always seemed to make me laugh and take away my frown. You said you were always here for me and told me you’d never leave But I guess it was another lie you said. Was I really supposed to believe? For a second, I thought you might be serious. You actually had me convinced. I thought you might go through with your promise, that’s something I admit. But if we’re being honest, you loved that so much more than me. No matter how muchI pleaded you to stop, you never seemed to see. You didn’t see that what you were doing only led to your demise. That what you thought was “not a big deal” was death in disguise You never saw the obvious when it was right in front of your eyes I guess that’s why you didn’t see that truck on Highway 25. You were looking at your phone; you were texting to say that you loved me. After all that we’ve been through, you say that now? Really? As I stand by your graveside now, I wonder if you really loved me. Because if this is a picture of what love is then love is really misery.


When I learned about this, it got me thinking. What would happen if my girlfriend died in a crash while texting? It would devastate me. She has been in a wreck before when someone else ran a red light, and although she only suffered bumps and bruises, it scared me to death knowing what could have happened. She does not drive while distracted and I am eternally grateful for that. I wrote this poem based on how I would feel if this happened to her.