I can’t be late!

Caidyn T


It’s the last party before we head off to college. Soon everyone will be off starting a new life and becoming their own person. I guess it’s only fitting that we all have one last send off. Nick calling– I’m late! I grab my bag and run to the door. I think my dad said goodbye but I’m in a hurry – I can’t be late! I back out of my driveway and start to race through the streets – I can’t be late! Another red light? It’s fine no one is around anyway. – I can’t be late! Nick calling – Decline Nick calling – Answer… I’ll be there soon! A yellow light. I can make it through- I can’t be late! When do I turn? I better text Nick. What street do I tu– BOOM Who’s screaming? My head hurts. Am I upside down? help. Darkness. I think my leg is stuck. Blood? Sirens. I hear sirens. What’s happening? They’re telling me to be calm. Where does it hurt? Who should they call? Nick, call nick. – I can’t be late. Moving again. Sirens. I hurt. – hurry I can’t be late. Big building. A lot of people. – hurry I can’t be late. What happened? I was in a car crash? Me? no. not me. I was. help. It hurts. Where? Everywhere. Can someone call my dad? Why is no one listening to me?! help. Machines. Darkness. People. – I think I’m late. I don’t feel good. Darkness. BEEP – I’m supposed to go to college BEEP – I’m supposed to meet new people BEEP – I’m supposed to learn new things BEEP – I’m supposed to see the world BEEP – I shouldn’t have gone to the party BEEP – I should have stayed home BEEP – I should have put down the phone BEEP- I can’t be late! BEEP – I should have put down the phone BEEP- I can’t be late! BEEP – I should have put down the —————-


The writing talks about a student about to begin the next chapter of their life and head off to college. Before they leave, there is a party, a chance for everyone to say goodbye. After the student realizes that they’re late, they begin to rush. They speed through the streets, go through red lights, hurry through yellow lights. At one point they even answer a phone call, all because they don’t want to be late. They pick up their phone to text their friend and end up getting in a car crash. The story then follows the student from the crash site to the hospital, and then readers see the realization that the student will not be able to begin the next chapter of their life. Their story has ended. And in the end of this poetry type piece, readers can see how the student wishes they would have just put down the phone. I wrote this to warn of all that could be lost if you are a reckless driver. Being late to a party will not be the end of the world, but texting while driving or breaking the driving laws could lead to the question what could have been or even a loss of life.