I can’t be late!

Caidyn T

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It’s the last party before we head off to college. Soon everyone will be off starting a new life and becoming their own person. I guess it’s only fitting that we all have one last send off. Nick calling– I’m late! I grab my bag and run to the door. I think my dad said goodbye but I’m in a hurry – I can’t be late! I back out of my driveway and start to race through the streets – I can’t be late! Another red light? It’s fine no one is around anyway. – I can’t be late! Nick calling – Decline Nick calling – Answer… I’ll be there soon! A yellow light. I can make it through- I can’t be late! When do I turn? I better text Nick. What street do I tu– BOOM Who’s screaming? My head hurts. Am I upside down? help. Darkness. I think my leg is stuck. Blood? Sirens. I hear sirens. What’s happening? They’re telling me to be calm. Where does it hurt? Who should they call? Nick, call nick. – I can’t be late. Moving again. Sirens. I hurt. – hurry I can’t be late. Big building. A lot of people. – hurry I can’t be late. What happened? I was in a car crash? Me? no. not me. I was. help. It hurts. Where? Everywhere. Can someone call my dad? Why is no one listening to me?! help. Machines. Darkness. People. – I think I’m late. I don’t feel good. Darkness. BEEP – I’m supposed to go to college BEEP – I’m supposed to meet new people BEEP – I’m supposed to learn new things BEEP – I’m supposed to see the world BEEP – I shouldn’t have gone to the party BEEP – I should have stayed home BEEP – I should have put down the phone BEEP- I can’t be late! BEEP – I should have put down the phone BEEP- I can’t be late! BEEP – I should have put down the —————-