The One To Pay

Jade W

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Sobbing, screaming, crying, silence. Nothing compares to this form of violence. When pain seems to be the only notion, I guess I’m the one to pay. To pay for the damage I have caused! If only I could erase my mistake, It would be, okay. No, It was me that chose this fate! I decided that my so called “social life” was prime! But now, I feel, I hurt so many to the distraction I created behind the wheel. It called to me. Why did it call me? Now I am suffering with heartache. Heartache of knowing, someone’s mother is sitting in the hall, Most likely wondering if she can hold him one last time. Or a father whose only son, never returns home. The pain in my legs don’t compare to the pain in my heart. I cry out for forgiveness to the family whose son I killed! The son whose loss of life was a result of my actions behind the wheel. It took no time at all, yet, Here I am. Here I am sitting in silence remembering those few moments, And now, I have no one to blame but myself. If only I could turn back the time, I would say no. Say no to my phone, And say no to this painful reality, I have created.