The Road Of Prevention.

Armani A

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Before touching the road, segment 1 and 2 is required before taking the road test. Within both segments, you are taught the dos and don’ts of what is expected on the road. Despite being aware of what not to do, there are people who still do the don’ts behind closed car doors. Authorities can’t force it enough to stop distracted and reckless driving but there can be ideas that can help prevent it. Car manufactures should install monitors within cars to manage hard stops which is a sign of reckless driving. This should also notify the insurance companies. As well as sounds effects to catch the drivers attention of their actions. Also cars should have sensors on the outside where it detects close objects and pick up sounds to make the driver aware and get away to avoid collision. Furthermore, phone companies should place in a setting where a motion sensor can tell when you are driving or not. With this specialized setting it should disable the phone and send notifications to the messengers that the person is behind the wheel driving and unable to respond to them. By applying these ideas would help notify and try to prevent distracted and reckless driving.