Don’t text parents in route

Amelia P

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My parents tell me to not text them when they are in route to pick me up from events or text friends who are driving to an event. The new norm when driving with my dad is for the driver to place the phone in the armrest when entering the car. The other norm is to make sure all directions are pre-set in Apple Map and the phone is connected to the car. if driving in the car that has a feature to connect to an iPhone. When driving the car without the iPhone map feature, the passenger is required to be the map guide. It’s also a requirement to identify an overview of the directions before starting the car. The other norm is to call my parents or friends if I need to contact them during a time when I know they are driving. I don’t text to the driver. The term “don’t text and drive” should also include don’t text drivers and don’t text while driving”.