Game Over

Tram B


Game Over. Load last saved game. Start again at your last checkpoint. Get in the car. Buckled in? Check your rearview mirror. Back out- slowly! Both hands on the steering wheel Both eyes on the road. Keep.. both eyes… Text message from… Eyes… on the… ‘Hey! Let’s hang out this weekend!’ One hand on the steering wheel. One eye on the road. ‘Ok! What do you want t- Beep. Beep. “We’re sorry ma’am, we did the best we c-” “NO! What do you mean you couldn’t save him?” Load last saved life PLEASE LOAD LAST SAVED LIFE!” It isn’t a game. Put down your phone. Drive safe.


You know how, in video games, there are often checkpoints where you can save your game before you enter a mysterious lair, or enter into a fight? How you can die, but come back to life right at that moment before you died? That doesn’t exist in real life. It’s easy to forget that little things such as sending back a text while driving could lead to big consequences, especially if you think you’re invincible, a great driver. But this time, you can’t rewind time and come back to life.