Stupid, Stupid Teens

Bridget P

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Teenagers, those God awful millennials; the rebellious brats that run across your lawn at 2 in the morning and egg your house on Halloween. What are you going to do with us, am I right? We’re every child’s hero, and every elderly man’s worst nightmare. What are we even good for? The worst thing about us is that when it comes to the open road we are feared the most. Something truly needs to be done about this and the solution may start at home. Parents, for the most part, are responsible for their child’s morals and good decision making. They are our very first and our most important role models. When we see you on the phone while driving, rolling through stop signs, and flipping off your fellow drivers left and right, do you expect us to know any different? We learn from you Mom and Dad! You are our biggest influencers! On a different note, although it is a huge responsibility to be a parent, it is not all on them. In today’s world, there are constant changes and growth in technology and who are better customers than adolescents ourselves! The majority of teenagers fall victim to these technological devices: whether its distraction from priorities like school or work, endangerment or bullying on social media accessed through their cell phones, and most fatally, diverting ones attention from the road or task at hand. There have been small solutions to this issue but more can be done. The companies that create phones such as Apple or Android or any other establishments contain the most power to mend this growing problem. How so? The solution is quite simple. There needs to be a way for a person to not have access to their phone while behind a moving vehicle; this excludes the use of GPS and major emergencies of course. Without an invasion of privacy, the phones need to have the ability to know when the user is behind the wheel and if there are any passengers available. For teenagers, the phone can send a signal to the parents to inform them that their child is using the phone while operating. I truly believe that this issue is so much more massive than it needs to be. There are obvious ways to end the deaths of millions around the world due to carelessness. Face it people, teenagers, as much as you hate us, we are the future. We are smart, charismatic, and revolutionizing this world with each day that is given to us. We rebel because we wish to be heard. If we want something, it’s ours; if we don’t, it’s already considered demolished. Let it be known that we have no interest in falling victim to frivolous mistakes. We will be damned if our children and grandchildren will be exposed to the same threats and we face today.