“Goodbye Life, Hello Death”

William O

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This story begins with a sixteen year old high schooler, who thought very highly of himself and wanted to be approved by others as cool and not lame. He was like every other teenager–autonomous, rebellious and a thrill seeker. With qualities like these, Corrie often got himself in trouble with the authorities. The cause of his obnoxious behavior was his uncaring uncle, who told him, “Do what you want, you’re a man of your own.” He had taken those words to mind and had done exactly that. But within Corrie’s facade, he had something special-me, his conscience. I am the little voice in Corrie’s head that measures his morality towards acts and aid him to improve them- that is my purpose. Lately, Corrie has not been himself, ever since he’s been hanging out with his “friends.” He is a totally different person because Jay and Marcie have negatively influenced him. For example, Jay and Marcie formed a habit of texting and driving while wearing no seatbelts. At first Corrie averted from the idea of actually doing this, but soon joined in. He just wanted to be like everyone else. “What am I doing?” he suddenly and inquisitively said. “You know that doing this dangerous; it’s not worth losing your life over this.” I said. “Leave me alone,” he fired back. “Who are you talking to, Corrie?” Marcie asked. “Myself”, Corrie said sad and blushful. He had completely shunned me out. The radio was turned on. The radio host was stating shocking statistics for all drivers: “50% of the people who lose their lives in collisions each year would still be alive if they had worn a seat belt. At least 1 in 4 of all car collisions involves phone use. Advice for viewers at home, always wear seatbelts; be safe drivers and not distracted drivers.” With the report that Corrie just heard, he was skeptical about it, saying, “Yeah, like that’s true.” I counteracted his remark by viciously shouting, “What is being told is the truth, stop now while you can.” In the meantime, ongoing thoughts were in his head, while having an uneasy feeling in his stomach. The group’s reckless driving soon caught up to them and in return led to a predictable demise for everyone in the car. Nobody in the vehicle had been focused on the road. No survivors. It wasn’t till the next day the police, ambulance and family members were contacted. “This car collision was an untimely demise for Corrie and his “friends”. The solution to this casualty and all alike, could be to apply the F.E. E. L. method to driving. The F-Fight off unnecessary emotions (ex: road rage, sleepiness). Our emotions can affect the safety and skill of the driver on the road, for better or for worst. E-eyes always on the road. Your attention is taken away and divided if you are not looking at the road, which can endanger you and other drivers. E- Exhibit self-control. If drivers can withstand simple temptations, then they can perform the right task at the right time. L- Lose all distractions. To lose all distractions, guarantees your safety from and to your destination with no material setbacks. This method doesn’t only apply to Corrie and his friends alone, but to all other people who drive. With this method put in place, more drivers could have their lives intact and not be taken away by vacuous actions that could be fully prevented.”(Corrie’s conscience speaking)