Driving Frame of Mind

Angela O

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“Shotgun!” the kids cheered racing for the front passenger seat When the driver was good, the car was lively and the topics wide When the driver was bad, everyone focused on the driver Why was mom on the phone? “Why so anxious?” Fumbling through letters, makeup, and notifications It looked compulsive, without reason Online media is forever but real life is fleeting Media doesn’t require a present state of mind Driving does, be present for it Everyone forgets or ignores because Driving is routine, mundane, It feels so easy because it’s so powerful Freedom and ease to travel just by sitting So easy people squeeze as much as they can in a car ride An important phone call while driving, A live video chat, Going through mail In their attempts to save time, they risk lives “Is it boredom?” Aren’t the best car rides the ones that don’t end up front page news? The ones that no one mentions because nothing happened. The boring car rides where droning conversations are heard Are better than the ones where people nervously crack jokes About distracted driving and reckless actions Perhaps they don’t notice that when they glance at their phone The car swings We do Maybe they can’t internalize what they aren’t actively taking in That stop sign they missed was inconsequential We’re still alive But if the rationalization is sheer luck Why play such a bad hand? “Is your mind focused on driving?” Don’t chance it if it isn’t Learn to manage your mind Your attention, mood, and thoughts Shut off your temptations Your phone, your to dos, and distractions that will exist always Save time by avoiding reckless moves Instead of assuming it will turn out ok Because driving is routine And its worked out so far, Play it safe Just in case Because it’s your life And your passengers lives – your family, friends, or a person you’re dropping off Don’t play with those odds All you have to gain is a quick fix A small errand done during a car ride that could turn fatal because of it Enjoy the ride, Be a good driver