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Did you know what would happen when You played your music too loudly or You ate that food or when You paid more attention to that text instead of the road Did you know what would happen when You got into that car and Expected to reach your destination without any thought And didn’t stay focused on what was right in front of you Did you know what would happen if The police caught you with your poor decisions or Someone else in another car said something or Even if the two passengers with you spoke up Unfortunately, they didn’t know But this isn’t about them, It’s about you So, tell me, did you know what would happen when The light turned yellow, and you decided you could make it Even though yellow means slow down Not like that matters anyway to you Because you weren’t even looking up when it happened Did you know When two people get in your car that You are now responsible for their safety And we need to keep your eyes on the road Obviously, you didn’t know Otherwise, one wouldn’t be in the hospital And the other in the grave And here you are dealing with the guilt and shame of Your ignorance to the law So, did you know that there was a car to the left of you Right before it slammed into as you were reaching for something Of course you didn’t because you didn’t know But did you know that the woman was on her way To her daughter’s graduation? Of course you didn’t because you didn’t know Oh, but did you know that your friend you put in the hospital Had a full ride scholarship to his top choice because of baseball Of course you didn’t because you didn’t know I bet you did know that your other friend who can no longer go home Wanted to join the military as a Marine No, you didn’t know because if you did, You would have realized your actions have severe consequences But did you know that These severe consequences will be with you until the very day you die? If you didn’t before, now you do So now, this is to those who may not know, but still have a chance What you did not know is that a good portion of drivers Are distracted to some extent What you should know is that eating and sleeping Also contribute to the distraction What you must know is that there is nothing more important Than focusing on your surroundings and staying alert If you wish to not know how it feels to be responsible for a crash Or people’s lives because of your poor decisions Put the phone down, stop eating, turn down the music, and wake up To people, cars, and things around you Now you know