Sativa J

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The pulling things Want your eyes Look over there Mmm those fries Ugh, this song again Bzzzz Is it that cute guy? Remember Keep your eyes on the road You’ve heard it a million times But you know how to drive You’ll be just fine Anyways no one keeps their eyes glued to the road The whole time So really, what’s a couple seconds of distraction? No, really you wonder why The PSA’s think you could actually die But think back to the times The moments When in a couple seconds You felt like you could fly At that game Tick. That dance Tock. That “yes” Tick. See, a few seconds can hold the times of your life Tock. Ti–or freeze the hands of the clock All in a flash Snap. No time for goodbye Not for you Not for the other souls passing by So if you want to gamble Roll those dice You must roll them for everyone On all sides Every car holding a story with a future boundless as the sky But never mind What’s a life worth? Cents and dollars? Or is it Just a quick text A daydream A couple of fries? The crash is clear At the end of the line You know this path can still be stopped Before blood paints asphalt Before bodies are flung Before heads are cracked You just must do One. Simple. Act. Keep your eyes and mind on the road On the world ahead Already zipping by Yes, you know how to drive But just as well Every single day Angels get wings Angels that are too young to fly