John H

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11 PM, Steven hears his phone ring He goes to pick it up, even though he’s driving. After all, he’d driven this road many times. He knew it by heart, every bump and incline. He lifts his phone, it’s a text from his friend. Steven types up a reply, but never presses send. It all happens so fast. Flying everywhere are shards of shattered glass. Red and blue lights flashing. A murmuring crowd is gathering. Yellow caution tape for this sad fate His body in the car, but his soul at a gate. Now Steven had been a genius, the top of his class. Future engineer, he had a bright path. Varsity captain of the football team. Everyone liked him, he was even prom king. Most important of all, he had a mom who loved him very much. But now his mom can only feel his cold touch. He was the reason his mother smiled in hard times. Now he is the reason that his mother cries.