One Time, You

Sofia C

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One time, the light was taking too long, and she wanted to check her emails She allowed herself to be entranced by the hypnotic letters She didn’t notice the light turn green She was startled by the accusing car horn She kept driving One time, he didn’t know how to get somewhere, so he searched it up on maps His hands left 10 and 2 to type the desired destination His eyes were off the road He felt the car begin to stray, and thought he could finish typing in a few seconds He kept driving One time, she was on her way home, and her mother called She ignored it the first time, but the buzzing was persistent She struggled to pick up the phone She felt and heard nothing but the determined annoyance of her mother’s voice for the next 5 minutes She kept driving One time, he was on the freeway, and the asphalt was nearly deserted He put his foot a little lower He sees the numbers start to go up as the acceleration refuses to fall to zero He notices the red and blue off the road ahead and feels that vicarious punishment He keeps driving Every time, a passenger was there, perceived as a useless extension of the car “Come on, we’re almost there” “I can type it in” “I’ll answer it” “Slow down, boy-racer” Why not listen? Why not avoid the possible wound of regret? No good answer means no good excuse And yes, sometimes, there’s no one else Maybe no one else that is visible but there is definitely always an invisible passenger The past-you that said to hum your sort of favorite tune on the way back The past-you that said that you should figure out how to get there before you’re on the road The past-you that said to tell your mom you were on your way back The past-you that said that it would be fun to go kart-racing with friends this weekend Let common sense be your future-you’s savior Because sometimes someone decides that you can’t keep driving Don’t let that someone Be you