The Choice

Jack Q

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Wake up. Wake up. A Deep Voice Calls Out. The Choice needs to be made, To Stay in or Stay out? To Balance the Horrors of Living, Or Maybe to Stay in Eternal Bliss? The Choice is yours to make. I don’t remember anything, I say. What is this place? Who are you? What happened to me? I last remember being on the road during a red, yellow, or greenish light? What happened? Why am I here? I remember being so focused. I simply answered a call from my parents for just a second to reassure them I am alright. What happened? Why am I here? Let me leave this place. The voice finally returns A deep below can be heard The choice has been made. So now you go away. Wake Up. Wake Up. Huh…what happened to me? It’s your doctor, and it surprising your still alive Huh…what happened to me? It’s been 18 years since your coma, it’s surprising your still alive. What happened to me… tell me Doctor… You were apparently distracted, crashed into a tree… You passed out in the car, but the strange thing is, the autopsy showed you were fine and perfectly focused while driving. This cant have happened… where did I go wrong? The passing of four other strangers, are now in death’s arms. What happened to my friends, my family, and myself? Your friends are gone, but you need to find the truth inside yourself. The doctor leaves, and silence is amidst I glare at my phone, the underlying culprit for this. I punch in the numbers, rapidly, quickly, looking and listening desperately for a response. One Ring, Two Rings, Three being the longest yet. Hoping for any response, my heart sinks deeper every second The Phone goes dead, realization is there, you reflect back, but all you feel is despair. The echoing words of his parents advice, to text at home, and to always be safe. Their warm faces always in memory, the old wood cabin where I used to reside. Slowly dragging myself out, to the only place left. The cemetery in sight, where the cruel spirits reside Greeted by a cemetery worker, the reason was told Tears flow out, it’s been 18 years Heartbreak the same day, the voice was true My parents always told me Make enough trouble and it will catch up to you Blurred Face, the moment of truth Before all goes dark, Im finally home… and I love you.