Little brother

Kade N

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Dear Little Brother, I sometimes forget what you look like before I left you with scars on your face. To remind myself, I look at the picture on the mantle but it does not do your bright smile justice. I regret every step I have taken without you. No longer can I live with this regret. Putting my life in front of yours is a pill that is too hard to swallow. Just to let you know, it wasn’t worth it. Sending that text was not worth it. Killing my little brother was not worth it. I still have flashbacks of seeing you fly through the windshield. They won’t escape my head. There you were lying on the pavement, broken. But don’t worry because my phone survived the crash, unlike you. The device that killed you, survived. But, the phone didn’t kill you. I did and that is something I have to live with for the rest of my life. I know that you will never see this letter but this is for the teenagers that think a text is more important that an innocent life. Picking up my phone was the worst decision I ever made. Please don’t make the same one. It can wait. Sincerely, Your Killer (a.k.a your big brother)