Do Not Disturb

Peter B

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Do Not Disturb A newly developed reflex that plagues us all Making us jump at every text, ding, or call Notifications, news, emails rigged to grab our attention A catalyst for amnesia and our driving retention Dooming us to a fate we do not deserve Allow me to teach you about Do Not Disturb It’s the difference between life and death A simple setting that can postpone your last breath The wall between you and distraction A temporary antidote for technological interaction The safety net between you and that deadly curb Turn on Do Not Disturb “Repeated Calls” for multiple calls that scream emergency. 2 or more calls within 3 minutes scream urgency. This Precaution can be done with a click a button. Precaution becomes prevention from a death so sudden. Your reflex now has no reason to react. Driving with no distractions is the unwritten pact. So turn it on before you drive, it takes a few seconds. Few seconds vs your life, it’s an easy one I reckon? Excuse #1”What if I miss a call?” You’re driving, they’ll understand, it’s worth the stall. Do Not Disturb silences all texts, and dings. Do Not Disturb takes away the notification song our phone sings. I promise a true friend will understand the delay. They’ll understand driving with distraction there’s a price to pay. It’s there for your use, put on the setting! Slide up or down, safety isn’t worth betting. Practice safety, and protect, taught by Phineas and Ferb. I REPEAT! PUT YOUR PHONE ON…DO NOT DISTURB!