Lifetime to Respond

Karen M



Lyrics: You think/ You’re popular /Your phone is buzzing/ Snapchat, insta, and twitter ? /Just way too cool /To drive by rules? /Your best friend texts you /Will you do what you gotta do? / ‘cause if you answer now/Your eyes will wander down /Will you watch the road somehow? /And if you text her now /Will she know somehow/ that you’ve let some people down? /And if you text her now /While driving to town /What dangers will it allow? /Cause if you answer now /Then your future’s out /BUT YOU KNOW /you gotta keep your eyes on the road! /Just put your phone on silence mode /Your best friend can wait /‘cause you got, you got, you got / a lifetime to respond. Description: I think society nowadays tends to be very much in a hurry, which is why sometimes, it’s good to take a step back and realize that we have so much time ahead of us to do everything we need to do. Answering a simple text while driving can completely jeopardize that, though- so why do it?