My Beloved

Bobbie M

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The heartbreak of my beloved, oh, why must you go? Why could you not keep your eyes on the road? Was it too bright outside, that you looked at the sun and it made a nasty face in which is why you turned away? Or was it the sound of other cars passing by, and you thought about the different personalities that were inside them without even knowing whom you truly are? Was it your thoughts that distracted you? They may have crashed against your brain, like your truck did against the guard rail that wasn’t doing its job on being protective. It must have been the rain, in which you drowned in like you used to your pride. Pride doesn’t matter when your on the side of the road and nobody can get to you from how horrible of a situation you’re in. All I ask of, was it worth it? To reply to that message, to not wait, to end your life over a few digital words that bounce off cell towers like you do between the roads? Its not worth it. Ending your life or potentially others lives, is never worth using your cell phone over while driving. Pull over, don’t pull that phone out of your pocket.