Say bye to reckless 2

Lesley H

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Lesley Herrera March 21 2018 Say bye to reckless driving!! In the streets there is many people who do not focused on what they are doing which is driving. When they do not focus that causes reckless driving which can lead to injuries or damage to yourself or others.Abou 4000 teens lose their lives due to car crashes. I know that should not be happening,So i started thinking what can be done in order to stop or prevent reckless and distracted driving so i thought of an idea. My idea for how to stop reckless and distracted driving is to build this kind of device that come in all cars and it is not removable in any way shape or form. So basically it should be this square or circle shape device that has a different section on where to put the things that can cause reckless or distracted driving. I was thinking there should be one section that checks you to make sure you have not been drinking before you got on the car and then a different one that checks if you have not take any drugs before you got in the vehicle. This device should also have a place where you must put your phone and it locks in there so you can’t get it till you get to your destination. If you want music from your phone the aux cord will automatically connects to the phone once in the cage thing and you pick music to voice command and if you want the radio you use voice command too. And once everything is in the device then you can finally put the key in and then car will finally turn on. The car would also be programmed to not let the car start until everything is checked of from the device that i have thought of. I also think that there should be a device that slow your car back down to the speed limit once you start to speed over the limit. So it will never allow you to be able to speed at any point that you are driving. Thank You so much for taking the time to read about my idea on how to make the roads a safer place for everyone. Hope that you guys take my idea for consideration.