Ethan K


This memory, a sieve, Caught in it, day by day, The poison of regret, Soon infecting the heart Grasping, squeezing, killing With every thought of this memory. Choices are crosswords, Love intermingling with death As relentless as fate is, My fate, already chosen One text, and it was over. The fate of their lives rested upon my hands, and I crushed it with no remorse As horror stabbed me through the heart A mother, a child Dead I still feel the shudder I still hear the screams, echoing in my head Mine and hers. My world blurring into nothingness Time running past “Almost there” I forgot to click ‘send’. Three now loom over Dripping with disappointment Regret Horror had claimed them too My Mother, my father, my brother Akin to the Trinity I held my fate And crushed it With a choice, I could have made Time did not come back Regret now hangs over Turning day to night Black to white My heart is coated with coal Fire diminished from me, I see your disappointment, I feel it too An everyday weapon I controlled every day Yet blinded By Death’s hands, wrapped around my face Cold and inviting He whispered sweet nothings into my ear I didn’t remember I didn’t recall My fate, chosen A mother A child Dead Don’t text and drive, You can save lives that way


As my dad once said, when you’re on the road, all drivers are stupid and you are the only smart one so you have to be ready for anything. When I drive to work or ride my bike and see people either talk or text on their phones, it honestly disgusts me. You can only have one thing in front of you when you drive and that’s the road. I’ve read stories of people (teens mostly) when they have been in car accidents because they were texting and they’ve hurt themselves or others. I always put my phone in the glove compartment or out of reach and I make all of my passengers have their phones in their pocket. I want to see a change, a change where the deaths of distracted driving decrease. I want to spread the message to those who text and drive and let them see that there is absolutely nothing great about injuring yourself or others when you could have the chance to put your phone down but didn’t.