The Distracted Driver

Jaila G

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She stood, in her brand new black heels she just bought from the mall, staring at what could no longer be called a car, but flattened pieces of metal intertwined in trees. She didn’t even notice the crowd growing behind her from the onlookers who happened to witness the wreck. Never in a million years would she have thought such destruction could come from one person– one action. She’d seen pictures and videos of car wrecks, and even knew someone close who passed in a wreck, but she never thought it could really happen to this extent. People all around her were starting to pray for the driver in the car, who was still somewhere in the scraps of metal. She should be praying too, but she was at a loss for words. Finally, looking away from the scene, she saw her father in the crowd motioning for her to come to him. Right before she turned to walk away, the Paramedics finally pulled the driver out of the wreckage. She could only see that the driver was a teenage girl, and that she had red soles on the bottom of her shoes. Although reluctant to leave, she went to her father and away from the sirens and sobs to go home. Today was a pretty solem day for Anna. She had to go shopping for her dad’s funeral today, and to cope with his death, she invited her best friend, Sophie, to go shopping with her. Anna left her home and met Sophie at the mall, since Sophie lived close to the mall. They went into multiple stores, but all Anna could think about was her father. Three days ago, Anna’s father was killed in a car crash that could have been avoided had he not been texting and driving. Anna had seen him do it multiple times, and never thought it was bad until it took his life away. To soothe her thoughts, Anna prayed and believed that he was home with Him, and he was waiting on me to come home too. Trying to focus again, Anna finally spotted the perfect shoes. Her dad left Anna a considerable amount of money, and she was willing to spend some of it on a pair of red bottom Louboutin’s. They were to die for, and Sophie thought they would match my dress nicely. Too excited to wear the shoes, Anna wore them out the store and out the mall. After their shopping date, Anna waved Sophie goodbye and left to go home. On her way home, Anna remembered that Sophie had her favorite sunglasses in her purse. Surely Anna could just text a few words to Sophie without ending up like her father. She pulled out her phone and after only typing a few words, Anna looked up to see a minivan stopped at a red light. Too late to stop, Anna overcorrected her car and flipped it three times, with the car finally stopping only because it hit a tree. The need to respond immediately to a notifications is unnecessary while driving. Not only are teens risking their lives, but everyone around them. A solution for this issue is to make phones automatically block notifications and only allow the driver to call the Police or a parent. This would keep teens from looking at their phones while driving and force them to always pay attention to the road. Had Anna not been able to even contact Sophie while driving, she could have seen the van and reacted appropriately. This is how to stop distracted driving.