A Simple Promise

Samantha D

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We live in a world of broken promises. You wake up, you get dressed for work, you kiss your love and kids goodbye, you walk out the door, and get in your car. You forgot that promise you made however long ago. The promise to not text and drive because you knew that’s how people die. What makes it different now that you are an adult? Suddenly, that rule does not apply? You no longer value your own life just because you have to respond to that text from Jim, the HR guy. Less than a second later, you run a red light and get pulverized by a truck twice the size of your little Corolla. Your car flips, your precious phone broken instantaneously, and you sustain so many broken fractures you hardly know what even hurts. All due to that small device that seems to rule all of our lives. You made a promise when you were 18 to the girl, who now has to receive quite possibly the worst call she will ever receive in her life. You broke such a simple promise. One that seemed so easy to keep, but little did you know, it was not so easy after all. You forgot that every time you walk out that door, your wife wonders whether or not you will come back alive. You forgot that the most dangerous object in the whole world is a little gadget you can fit in your pocket. You forgot the importance of not texting and driving. Now, you are left fighting for your life all because you had to check that text from Jim, the guy from HR, who texted you to see if you wanted to get drinks after work on Friday. You do not remember that promise, but when your wife has to take your children to see you lying here on your death bed, she will. Then, you will remember that promise you made, the one you swore you would never break, but it is a little too late.