.Safe. A Road i Got to Know

Maaliik M

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As the wind passes by, i see cars fly, not like the birds i just viewed flying over the horizon, but like the vibrabt billboard signs i keep gazing at from time to infinity, Suddenly, Oh so suddenly Ihear a ring, Looking up looking down lookin at the horizon, Oh my am I wondering where the source of the ring can be found, searchin frantically, I skirt over to the side, I hear the impact of my wheels, on yhe side of the road stirs up a quirry feel, I straighthen my car out, and focus on the road ahead, because i found the sourve of the ring and the phone was just informing me, as i read the message ar hand, I push on the brakes with tiebtan monks like agility as i realize a wreck, is at the tip of my hand, so grasp wirh control, my attebtion fully unfolds, i see a family deer pass by in the rear, and i smile across my face, becaysr know ibtruly know, Life is noy a race, so SLOW down, Pay attention, and be careful, because you wwouldn’t want to miss something as beautiful as living, because a life on the road is a life that befriended the attentinve soul . DRIVE SAFE EVERYONE