Driving Limerick

Vincent R

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Listen up well, my friend, Or else your life may end. Please put down your phone, Look out for that cone, Our lives on you, depend. Driving distracted, you see, Is not ‘just fine’ with me. We could hit someone’s trash, Or get into a crash With these plentiful trees. What about that drink I spy? A soda while driving? Why? Drinking right now, I just can’t allow, Nor eating the rest of your pie. And put that comment on hold. There are many problems untold, With watching a vid, Of a cute little kid, Commenting, then pressing, upload. A pilot before accession, Must always be paying attention. But now here you are, In a fast moving car, Breaking a legal convention. A seat belt ain’t hard to wear. Don’t argue: “No time to spare.” Just pull it and click it, You don’t get a ticket, It’s better this way, I swear. So put it away, my friend. I don’t want our lives to end. Distractions alone, Pull you out of the zone. No life is worth a trend.