What Happened to Me

Noah K


I walked up to the suburban van Just sat down in the seat I buckled up as I always do Not knowing the tragedy I’d meet It had never happened to me I knew the stories they would tell us How we must never look away But I didn’t take it seriously To me, I’d always be okay It would never happen to me I was driving down a small street Just when it was becoming night I took a peek at that phone I didn’t see that red light It actually happened to me I wish I had paid attention To every single warning, For me and the victim And our families in mourning It could’ve not happened to me So I tell you my story And I hope it is inspiring Let it tell you not to be Distracted while driving Don’t let it happen to you


This poem expresses how a small, simple mistake can have serious consequences, possibly hurting you and even others. It demonstrates how no one is exempt from these rules and how anyone can be involved in a severe tragedy due to distracted driving. The person reading the poem can identify with the speaker and understand how this can really happen to anyone.