Warning: Drive with Caution

Juan G

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Warning: Drive with Caution One morning around 8:00 a.m, I hopped into the car, Right after showering, brushing my teeth and changing. I picked up my backpack, and entered the car which was not far, Only to find that my favorite song came on the radio. Without thinking, I turned up the volume, Everything around me became a blur Visually and auditorily. Despite that, I paid little to no attention. Proceeding my way to school I knew the freeway would be faster, An event I was unaware of was going to take place. As I continued my way I found it would be nice to change stations. Always on the hunt for one of my faves. Before I knew it, the song had ended. My eyes were drawn from the radio back to the road, I made sure I was paying attention to where I was headed, That was only the start to a bad outcome. The phone in my pocket began to vibrate, I was busy changing the station while driving, so I did not bother. “I can answer that later,” I said to myself, As the phone finally stopped buzzing. The weather outside was also not the best, Sheets of gray clouds coated the city. Tiny water droplets hit the car window, Making it slightly harder for me to see. One music genre to another, my eyes fixated on the radio, I wish I had taken that and several other things into consideration. Before I knew it my eyes were back on the road, With no time for my hesitation. Just a few inches away a car had suddenly halted, I had no time to react. Everything after that was nothing but a blur, As our cars collided from the impact.