To Save A Life

Joshua W


Did you ever wish you could just press the pause button on life to Save a life To remove all the distractions surrounding your eyes To Save a Life All the instantaneous messages that can not go unanswered, the irresistible ringing, who could it be? The appealing aroma of the fast food that sits next to you Searching your playlist to fit your mood To Save a Life Willing to spread your attention to numerous distractions Reexamine your relationship with distractions You do not need them while driving Stop and think for there is no pause button on Life To save a Life


We either lost someone or known someone who has lost someone. We stop and think and ask ourselves ,” How could I’ve prevented the accident” or “Wish I could of,,,,? There are ways to prevent accidents, Make the time and put away all your distractions before you drive. You could Save a Life.