The Sideshow

Natalie S

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The Sideshow: When I’d heard about the car crash I’d hardly assumed That my friend who was driving had been completely consumed By plastic, metal, and the screen of his phone, The collision was so bad, he wasn’t buried alone. Someone forgot to mention or completely ignored That the cause of the crash was the gas being floored While he looked at his phone to see a message from his mom: “Drive safe son” The fatal action was double both mother and son, The distraction and the driver wrapped into one If I remember correctly I’d heard someone say “Phones are killing more people each day,” I thought to myself, about humankind Is the problem the technology or the person behind The wheel. Distracted driving is more than an issue we hold It’s an epidemic that shapes and will mold Each person to claim: I’m not distracted; it’s all a bunch of fuss, As they dance with their friend and almost hit a school bus. A seatbelt won’t harness the mind and the heart, Because too many distractions tear focus apart. The truth of the matter is that there’s a lot going on When I drive down the road with my radio on. I’ll look to the left and see a bright-colored bill-board But off to the right comes a boy on a skateboard. Where lays the solution to a problem so large? It’s in the hands of people, it’s time to take charge. Take down the billboards and pop the balloons Turn off your phone, keep the radio out of tune. If the sideshow is absent there’s not much to see, Your attention will land on the road where it should be. The solution is simple if we think all the way through it, Driving is about safety, there’s not much more to it. Take action and drive not to be entertained, But to focus and prevent any more unnecessary pain.